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See how CYTOPOINT® helped dogs with allergic itch get back to enjoying life again. It could be like your story!

Sophie’s allergic itch was exhausting—until CYTOPOINT came along

Sophie and Rick are best buds—but Sophie’s allergic itch was coming between their good times together.

  • Sophie was always a happy and playful dog until she developed allergies
  • She had developed atopic dermatitis, and all the scratching and biting was exhausting

Almost immediately, CYTOPOINT changed her life. She became her old self again. See her story.

CYTOPOINT® helped Sophie get relief of her chronic itch due to atopic dermatitis.

Exeland’s lifelong allergic itch required therapy that was safe for use with other drugs. CYTOPOINT was the answer

Exeland loves the water, but skin problems persisted and got in the way of his fun times.

  • Exeland was diagnosed with allergic itch due to atopic dermatitis and also had other chronic medical conditions
  • The treatment for his allergic itch needed to be safe for use with his other therapies

CYTOPOINT was a good match… and changed his life. See how.

CYTOPOINT® helped Exeland get relief of chronic dog itch and back to fun times.

Dublin’s allgeric itch seemed endless, until CYTOPOINT entered his life

Dublin had horrible allergies and was itchy constantly.

  • SherryAnn tried everything to help Dublin get relief and heal his red, irritated skin
  • It seemed endless…until Dublin’s veterinarian prescribed CYTOPOINT

Finally, Dublin got the allergic itch relief he needed, and since CYTOPOINT is an injectable, it worked well with SherryAnn’s work and life schedule. See Dublin’s story.

CYTOPOINT® helped Dublin get relief of chronic itch with the added convenience of a simple injection

Harley’s allergic itch was impacting his life—and his family’s, too. But CYTOPOINT made all the difference

Harley lives in a busy household with young children.

  • When Harley developed allergic itch due to atopic dermatitis, it took a toll on everyone
  • His constant scratching, licking, chewing, and biting prevented a good night’s rest for him and his adoring family
  • Harley’s owner found it challenging to remember pills; she wanted more flexibility

CYTOPOINT provided relief that was not only lasting and effective, but also convenient. See Harley’s story.

CYTOPOINT® provided relief of Harley’s chronic itch due to atopic dermatitis and made a big difference in his life

Allergic itch doesn’t have to interfere with your dog’s life—or yours

CYTOPOINT relieves allergic itch and improves the quality of life for dogs and their owners1

In a study, dogs and their owners noticed significant improvement in allergic itch after the first week of treatment1

Dogs experienced improvement in1:

CYTOPOINT relieves allergic itch and improves the quality of life for dogs and their owners
Dog owner quality of life more than doubled by day 7 and continued to improve over time1

Talk to your veterinarian about CYTOPOINT today and get back to enjoying the good times again.

Reference: 1. Data on file, 2018 Zoetis Inc.